Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 Challenge Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design BlockBuster 2

Hello Everyone, I can't believe it is Friday already. This week has been busy, but I didn't forget to make my BlockBuster Block for this week.

This week, I made BlockBuster#2 Crowning Glory.  Before, I could make the block I needed to order a few things such as technique sheets from Studio 180.   So I looked through all the upcoming Blockbuster and placed my order last week.  So glad my order came a couple of days ago, I need the Shaded Four Patch TechniqueSheet.

I decided to make my Crowning Glory an 6” Finished Block size again this week. For the assembly of the block it requires three different units, Unit A is a Shaded Four Patch, Unit B is a Quarter Square Triangle, and Unit C is Square.

Shade Four Patch

Unit A the Shaded Four Patch unit, I needed to refer to the Shaded Four Patch Technique Sheet for the cutting chart sizes, and instructions, since this is a new technique for me. 

After referring to the cutting chart on the Technique Sheet.  Start by cutting strips, one will be narrow (square), and the other is wider (triangles).  

Stitch the strips together, press and sub cut to the size of the narrow strips. 

Then take two of the cut pieces and stitch them together along the long side, assuring you align them to the narrow strips are opposite ends.

Press the unit open and with a ruler mark two 45 degree lines.  

Align and center the unit on a large rectangle.  Stitch on the lines, then cut 1/4" from the stitch line on both units.

Press the units open and trim using the Tucker Trimmer 1 to size for the unit.

I have completed 4 Unit A. The shaded Four Patch unit was an easy and fun technique to learn.

Unit B - Quarter Square Triangle unit is the same as I  did last week, so I made four units and trimmed them to size with the Tucker Trimmer 1.

Unit C was just one square so now it was time to layout the units and assemble them together.

Once the units are all together, it turns out to be this beautiful block called, Crowning Glory. This block was easy and cool technique

See you next week with Block #3


Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Challenge The Ruler: Studio 180 Design BlockBuster 1

One of my long-term goals for my business is to gain a better knowledge and practice on using the Studio 180 Design rulers and become a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor. 

For 2018 I have set-up a fun little challenge for myself to complete all the Studio 180 Design Blockbusters.  

What is the Challenge?

The challenge is to complete each of the Studio 180 Design blockbusters series weekly and report my finished block to all of you to see. Each Friday, I will be posting a new block from the Blockbuster Series starting with #1. 

What is the BlockBuster Series? 

Well Studio 180 Designs, designs unique blocks that can be made from their tools.  Each of the blocks works through the fundamentals each of the rulers, as well as the companion Technique Sheets.

Check out BlockBuster Roundup: Series 1 blog post for more information and to see all the blocks.

Before I started my first block, I printed all the ruler information and BlockBuster projects and put them in a binder to keep all the Studio 180 design papers together.  This is so handy.

Let's begin!!

BlockBuster #1 – Ohio Star Variation 1

BlockBuster #1, the Ohio Star Variation 1 uses the Tucker Trimmer® 1 Ruler.  The first step in making any block or quilt is to read the instructions thoroughly.  

Next, you need to decide on the fabric and the finished block size.  My choice for the block size was a 6” and I will be using my Island Batik stash for all my blocks.

There are a few tools you will need to complete this block: Tucker Trimmer® 1 Ruler, rotary cutter, Quilter's Magic Wand (optional), marking pencils and cutting mat. You will want to have your ruler instruction nearby. Also, you will be referring to them a lot.

Now that I have my fabric and block size figured out, I then referred to the BlockBuster 1 block sheet to get my unit sizes for each of the five units that make up the Quarter Squares Triangles, Half Square Triangles, and Squares.

Once I figured out my unit sizes I referred to the ruler instructions to get the fabric cutting sizes.

Unit A - Quarter Square Triangles

For Unit A, the quarter square triangles you will need 3 colors of fabric.  I have (2) Printed color, (1) White (background) and (1) Yellow fabric all cut at the same size according to the Square size chart in your ruler's instructions. 

Next, Flip the square over so that the wrong side of the fabric is facing you and draw two diagonal lines 1/4" on either side of the center diagonal using your marking tool.  I love using the Quilter's Magic Wand by Studio 180 designs for getting my accurate 1/4 mark. 

Then, layer White fabric square and print fabric square with right sides together, and yellow fabric square and print fabric square together, and stitch on the 1/4" line, one each side of the center.  

Then cut down the middle giving you 2 of each half square triangles (Don't trim yet). Press open.

Now turn over one of the half square triangle units and draw two diagonal lines 1/4" on either side of the center diagonal using your marking tool. 

Layer this on the orange/print half square triangle and make sure your fabric align your fabric seams.  

Stitch on the drawn lines, cutting down the middle and press open. Repeat with the other half square triangles.

Trim the Quarter Square Triangle, using you Tucker Trimmer® 1 ruler.

Make 4 Unit A's.

Unit B - Half Square Triangles

For the Unit B half square triangles, you will make them the same way as done in Unit A. 

Unit C, D, and E - Squares

For these remaining units, you will just need to cut the squares to size according to the BlockBuster #1 sheet.

Now we have all the units made let start assembling the block together, starting with the corner units.

Corner Units Assembly

To make the 4 corner units for the block, you will use Unit B, C, and D.

Stitch a white square to each of the half square triangles to make 4 row 1 and repeat with half square triangles and an orange triangle to make 4 row 2.   Stitch the rows together to make the 4 corner units.

Now that all the units are sewn together, it’s time to sew the blocks together into rows. Reference the layout above.

Stitch each of the rows together.

Press open, and BlockBuster #1 is now complete.

BlockBuster #1 was fun and easy to make.  I hope you will give this block and ruler a try sometime, you will like them a lot.  

I can't wait to start BlockBuster #2. See you next Friday.


Also, make sure to check out the Island Batk Four Season Blog Hop going on now.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Four Seasons Blog Hop and Giveaway!!

Welcome to Day Two of the Island Batik Ambassador's Four Season Blog Hop.  

This week we are covering the Winter Collections.  So If you missed yesterday featured collection "Blue Moon", be sure to check out The Inquiring Quilter and Cheryl Lynch Quilts blogs.  

Today, Island Batik featured collection "Mountain's Majesty."

Island Batik "Mountain's Majesty" fabric collection brings a wonderful palette of winter mountains colors to you at home for that special quilt project. 

This winter fabric collection is coming to quilt stores starting in January.

I was given a theme for this blog hop and in looking through the stack of fat quarters, I began designing a pattern that shows the beautiful snowy mountains as the wind blows the snowflakes around in the fresh cool breeze during the first snowfall.  So I called my latest pattern "Mountain Snowfall".

Mountain Snowfall

Mountain Snowflake Wallhanging
"Mountain Snowfall" wallhanging measures 44" x 44" and represents 15 different fat quarters and yardage from the "Mountain's Majesty" collection.

The pattern is a fat-quarter friendly pattern and has easy to follow instructions that use the Studio 180 Design Tucker Tucker Trimmer® 1 and the Wing Clipper® 1 Rulers. 

I have also included instructions to make a matching table runner (56" x 20") to go along with the wallhanging in the pattern.

This wallhanging and table runner when complete will be great for the dining room wall and table or to just hang in that special cabin to highlight that table and/or wall space.

It's so much fun taking some fabric and a theme and interpret it in your own way, as I did with "Mountain Snowfall". 

The pattern is now available on my website (paper pattern only) and in my Etsy store (digital pattern) for $10.00.   


Thank you for stopping by my blog today, but before you go; be sure to check out the giveaway on the Island Batik blog page, they are giving away Precuts.  

But wait, I have one more giveaway for you.  I'm giving away a copy of my newest patterns "Mountain Snowfall" and "Entangled Paths".

All you have to enter the Giveaway is to leave a comment on my blog post.  I will announce the winner on February 2nd.  Be sure you read the rules and guidelines below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Quilting Affection Designs Guidelines and Rules for this give away.

No purchase necessary. Open to residents of the USA only.
While we hope you will leave a comment on the post of the day because we love comments, we want no reply bloggers to have a chance at winning also. Rafflecopter will collect your name, country, and email. 
One – Paper Pattern of the “Mountain Snowfall” will be given away to two lucky winners.
The Winners picked at random via Rafflecopter at the end of the day on February 1st. Winner will be drawing be on February 2nd receive notification via email. 
Winner will have approximately five days to claim their gift, if five days pass, the gift will be offered to another eligible entrant. Winner must provide name, address, city, state. 
Only US Address, please
Winner will be announced on this blog and in the Rafflecopter window here on this page. Winner agrees to allow their name, city, state to be publicized.
Odds of Winning a prize are based on a total number of Rafflecopter entries.

You are responsible for claiming and paying any tax owed on the value of any gift that you win where applicable. Some restrictions on gifts will apply based on shipping policies. This sweepstake is void where prohibited by law.

More Quilts and Giveaways!!

Be sure to follow the blog hop as we go along this month.  Since this is the last official event for the 2017 Island Batik Ambassadors and some of the ambassadors will be leaving after this event, be sure to continue following these ladies on their blogs, they are so talented and great designers.

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Monday, January 29 – Autumn's Grace
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Tuesday, January 30 – Pumpkin Patch
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Wednesday, January 31 – Plum Delicious

Until next time, 


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Special Announcements!

The New Year is here, and it's time to get my 2018 goals started with a few announcements.

Announcement # 1: 

Starting Tuesday, January 9th at 1 pm eastern time.  I will be doing a Bi-Weekly Facebook Live Post, that will be covering things such as tips and trick, and so much more.  The times for these post can change over time or if I’m traveling so watch for an announcement on my facebook page.

Be sure to like my Facebook page to get notified when I go live. 

Announcement #2: 

Starting Friday, January 13th, I will be starting a blog series on my goal of gaining a better knowledge and practice on the Studio 180 Design rulers.   Each Friday, I will have a new post on making blocks from the Studio 180 Design BlockBuster Series.  I'm so excited to start these blocks and play with the rulers.  For more Information on Studio 180 BlockBuster Series, check out the blog post Here.

Finally,  I just got an email this morning; From Island Batik stating Congratulating on becoming an, 2018 Inland Batik Ambassador, this will be my third year.  I am so excited and look forward to making great monthly projects and working with Inland Batik’s fabulous fabrics.  

This you year will be an exciting one for me at Quilting Affection Designs.

I wish you all Happy New Year!  


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reflecting on 2017 and Planning 2018

2018 Planning Party

I looked at my post from last year where I set my 2017 goals.  I see I have accomplished a lot, but there are still many goals that have not been completed.  So, this year, I want to get a fresh start and work on the goals that were not finished in 2017 and also work on some new ones for 2018. In addition, focus time to work on my long-term goals.

Personal Reflecting on 2017

Personally, I look back, and I’m thrilled with myself and what I accomplished this last year.  One goal was to maintain all the weight I lost in 2016, and I did.  The program that enabled me to lose the weight and keep it off, also ensured I had plenty energy throughout the day to focus on my business.  Another goal was to hike in Colorado, but the bugs were terrible out there this year. So instead, I got to spend a wonderful week with my youngest son and his girlfriend. Speaking of travel, I was able to attend REI Outesse, an enjoyable experience that every woman that loves the outdoors should participate. It was a 4-day adventure in New England, where I got meet new people and learn more about outdoor activities. I As for those Unfinished Quilting Projects (UFO’s), I only got one of them done this year.

Business Reflecting 2017

For the business, this was a learning year for me.  I learned more about the Social Media, Newsletters and blogging through some classes at the Spring Quilt Market.   These lessons were helpful, but I feel I was not as productive as I wanted to be in this area in 2017.   As for Magazines, I was in two Quiltmaker 100 Block Magazines and had submitted a few patterns, but these were turned down. As for teaching and lecturing at guilds, this is a work in progress and so is learning how to grow my business (see 2018 goals).  I have continued to work with Fabric Companies, so that is another goal that will be knocked off my list.  I have been so busy designing this year that I have not found any time to make personal quilts. 
Ramblin' Star Block of the Month
I was delighted with the talents God has giving me, and I feel that they are starting to show through with my patterns.  I had another fantastic year as Island Batik Ambassador; designing monthly patterns helped me a great deal in my designing.  Also, I was blessed to have pattern designs selected for the Island Batik Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2017 catalog.  I was very excited about the Fall/Winer Catalog which featured my first Block of Month Quilt “Ramblin’ Star.”  Ramblin’ Star was and still is a learning process, with the writing and working with the Fabric Companies to get the pattern out.  Ramblin’ Star pattern and the Island Batik fabrics will be released in May 2018.  I will have blog tutorials and YouTube Videos for the quilt.  While making this quilt, I fell in love with Studio 180 design rulers and have started designing patterns for the rulers.

2018 Goals

My Personal goal for 2018, is losing a little more weight.  Plus, I want to tone my arms and stomach areas in addition to keeping up with my running. To complete these goals:
  •     I plan to get back in my Isagenix program full force once again, Starting January 2nd.
  •     I have signed up for Half Marathon for May of 2018 and planning on running another probably in the fall as well.
  •     Plan on strength training in the gym 2-3 times a week.
  •     Do more hiking

Business Goals

I’m working toward several business long-term goals. 
  •     Build my business name
  •     Become a Certified Instructor with Studio 180 Designs
  •     Become Island Batik Signature Collection Designer

I know these long-term goals will take several years and the following short-term goals will help me with these goals and help me work toward building my business.
  • Growing my Social Media, Blog, and Newsletters with more followers
    • Planning to Post more than one time a week on Facebook and Instagram
    • Add Facebook Live Posts.  These posts will include Week Tips, New Pattern Announcements and much more.
    • Post more to my Blog.  I will be starting off with a Block Buster Challenge that I will be starting the First week of January.  Helping prepare me to work toward my Studio 180 Instructors goal.  Also, more tutorials blogs on quilting.
    • Produce more YouTube videos
    • Work on getting Newsletters out in a timely order.  Also, build my Wholesale Newsletter following to the stores.
  • Lecture and Teach
    • Build my business by teaching and lecturing at Stores and guilds.  My first one is scheduled in January.
    • Add more workshops and lectures to my Truck Show listings.
    • Create Brochures and letters to mail and post on my websites for guilds.
  • Take more classes in the building my Business
    • Start the year off with taking a Creative Passion to Profit Boot Camp, January 8th.
    • Attend the Creative Arts Business Summit in April.
    • Take more class at Fall Quilt Market.
These are just a start of what I plan for the year; I also plan on to do more designing and producing throughout the year, for Island Batik, Studio 180 Designs and much, much more.  My goals are now down on paper and going to keep them in front of my me always, plus putting them down in my Quilters Planner for 2018.

Please follow me as I work on my goals and build myself towards my long terms goals.  I will be announcing my dates for my Facebook Lives post and other recurring events this next week as I finish planning my schedule and year.

I wish all my followers a beautiful and safe 2018.